AvatariA have been around since 2009 and have since become Dark Metal gods. With their Dark Metal, the Berliners combine a mixture of Gothic, Black and Death Metal, which does not fit into any pigeonhole and has developed its own unique character.  With 5 albums under their belt, AvatariA have earned themselves a large live and fan base. For fans of Behemoth, Septicflesh and Rotting Christ, AvatariA is a must for anyone who likes brutality and atmosphere. AvatariA is a true Twilight of the Gods and that is not said in a bad way.

Band Bio

AvatariA was founded in late 2009 by Tommy Avadark (git/voc) from another existing music project. After completing the line-up in 2010, the band immediately started composing their own songs.

From the very beginning there is a red thread running through the musical work of AvatariA. After a first demo titled "Fallen Angel" (2010), which featured dark gothic metal rock, the band's full-length debut "The Matrix Falls" (2011) blurred the boundaries between musical genres. Thematically, the band's first album deals with the collapse of the illusion of self-imposed boundaries.

In 2014, the band released an EP titled "Enneagram", which built on its predecessor in both content and music. In 2016, the band's third album, New World Order (2016), was released with remarkable musical brute force and atmospheric depth.

In 2018, a German single entitled "Dunkelheit" was released, for which a music video was also released in the same year.

In 2019, AvatariA signed a record deal with the label 7Hard (7us Media), where the new album "The Last Falling" (2019), the fourth album of the band, was released. The album "The Last Falling" is a mixture of Thrash, Death, Black and Gothic Metal.

2020 in the heavy Corona year seemed October 2020 EP entitled "Apocalyptic". Apocalyptic is the drumbeat and was rated by the press more than positive and is to date the most successful disc of AvatariA, especially the song "Joker" beats all records at AvatariA.

In August 2021 the cover version of Moonspell was released as a single "Alma Mater" and that in a new interpretation of AvatariA, where you can see even more in which direction AvatariA will go in the future. In October 2022 AvatariA founded their own label under the name "Dark Metal Records" where all future releases will be released. At the end of 2022, AvatariA decided to go on stage as a trio without a lead guitarist.

With the song "The Animal" there was the first single release from the fifth album which will be released in early May 2023 under "Dark Metal Records" with the title "Memoirs of Humanity", and single release with the song "Harmageddon" for which a video will be released.

Members: Tommy (vocals/guitar) Robse (bass/backings) Max (drums)


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